What is Low-E Glass & How Does it Make Your Home Energy Efficient?

Low-E glass is sometimes referenced in popular media, yet the average homeowner is unaware of the specific merits of this unique glass.  Low-E glass is quickly becoming that much more popular as it makes homes energy efficient, reduces energy bills, does not require maintenance and will not scratch.  In fact, there are several additional benefits of Low-E glass as explained below.

The Two Types of Low-E Glass

Passive Low-E glass is made with the pyrolytic process that generates a pyrolytic coating.  The coating is added to glass ribbon during production on a float line.  The result is a fusion of the coating to the glass surface.  This fusion generates a powerful, hard-coat bond that holds steady as time progresses. 

Solar control Low-E coatings, also known as soft-coat, are made with the MSVD process.  MSVD is an acronym that is short for magnetron sputtering vapor deposition.  In plain English, this means the coating is added to already cut glass within a vacuum chamber.  The coating is sealed within an insulated glass.  Soft-coat is held in high regard as it has comparably low emissivity along with better performance in terms of solar control.  In fact, this coating provides the best possible solar control.

Consistent Comfort Inside Your Home

Low-E glass is high-performance, making use of a specialized formulated coating along with unique technology between the insulated pains.  This design prevents the transfer of heat.  The end result is a considerable improvement in your home’s comfort.  In fact, some Low-E glass has two full layers of soft-coat, ultimately helping your home maintain its indoor temperature without letting the outdoor air inside.

Reduce Your Energy Bills

As a homeowner, you are likely looking for every possible way to reduce your energy costs.  Low-E glass is the solution.  These energy-efficient windows keep the outdoor air outside and your indoor air within your living space, ultimately reducing your energy bills that much more.

No Scratching off or Required Maintenance

While most glass on the market is likely to scratch and require ongoing maintenance, Low-E glass has no such problems.  Have this glass installed in your home and you will be able to rest easy knowing maintenance is unnecessary.  Though Low-E glass requires the occasional cleaning just like every other type of window, that is the extent of its maintenance.  Even if the glass comes into contact with a foreign object, it will likely avoid scratching, ultimately retaining its flawless exterior.

No UV Fading of Your Furniture or Fabrics

Low-E glass is also revered by glass industry experts and homeowners alike for its ability to block the sun’s harmful UV rays.  Blocking these rays preserves the aesthetic beauty of your home’s fabrics, furniture and other interior items.  You can open up the blinds all the way and let the light shine in without even the slightest worry of fabrics or furniture fading over time.  This means your Low-E glass will save you money in terms of your home’s interior niceties, helping you maximize the useful life of your flooring as well as the furniture throughout your living space.

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