Why Your New Year’s Resolution Should be Installing French Doors

Chances are you have heard about French doors, yet you might not understand why these unique doors are considered timeless and a notch above the rest.  In short, French doors represent the perfect blend of function and form. If you are looking to enhance your living space and add more value to your home, now is the time to consider French doors. They are perfect for increasing natural light in your home and also adding a layer of security, energy efficiency and convenience.  To determine if French doors are right for your home, we have looked at some of the advantages:

French Doors Enhance Your Home’s Aesthetics

An advantage to French doors is that they look beautiful in all style homes.  This door, typically made with glass panes that extend across the full length of the doors, add natural light and brighten up your home’s layout.  You’ll have an amazing view of your backyard or other parts of your property when looking outside through your new French doors. 

French doors will increase the value of your home.  This is particularly important if you are looking to put your house on the market. Adding French doors is a quick and easy way to enhance the beauty of your home.  These doors are timeless and never go out of style.

Durable Doors You Can Trust

French doors are expertly built with strong glass and reliable frames that can withstand considerable force.  The material used for these unique doors bolster security even more, helping to protect everything you value and everyone you love.  In fact, French doors’ protection-grade glass is even capable of withstanding strong hurricane gusts, providing the protection you need against those inevitable storms. 

Above all, the rigidity of these doors is particularly important in the context of personal safety and security.  Criminals will find it nearly impossible to break through French doors as they are solidly built to prevent intruders from cracking them and venturing inside.

French Doors Have a Transformative Quality

An expansive window into the beautiful outdoors makes the interior of your home that much more uplifting.  Choose French doors and you will have a tall and wide glass pane that provides a clear view of your yard’s greenery and landscaping, as well as your outdoor living space. In Florida, we utilize our outdoor space most of the year. The convenience of having easy access for you and your guests to the lanai, patio and pool will make it easier and more inviting for parties and family gatherings.  French doors can open in or out based on your home layout. Have your new French doors installed by the patio, pool or garden and your property will have much more of a uniform and consistent feel thanks to the nearly seamless transition between indoors and outdoors.

French Doors Lower Your Energy Costs

French doors’ make your home more energy efficient due to their tighter seal and dual pane glass. They help to insulate your home against warmer and cooler temperatures, ensuring your HVAC doesn’t operate at an unnecessarily high frequency, ultimately keeping your utility bills to a minimum and saving you money.

Minimal Maintenance

French doors are easy to maintain.  You won’t have to paint French doors after installation.  Simply clean these doors once every couple months and you’ll find they provide a lovely view of your backyard or other outdoor space throughout the entirety of the year.

ARMORVUE has the Perfect Doors for Your Home

Our window and door specialists are here to help you pick out the perfect new French doors for your unique home.  We will keep your living space quiet, peaceful and comfortable throughout each of the seasons.  Contact ARMORVUE today to learn more about our door and window options.  Schedule an in-person estimate or a showroom appointment, and get a free, no-obligation consultation and estimate.


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