Which Energy Efficient Window Styles Add Value to Your Home?

New replacement windows in general are a great way to add value to your home, particularly if you are choosing new energy-efficient windows to replace your current windows. But with so many different styles from which you can choose, how do you know which style is right for your home? Over the years, we have found that certain window styles tend to boost the value of homes a little more than others. So, here are some of the most popular energy-efficient windows styles that we have found to be are sure to add value to any Florida home:

Single-Hung Windows

Single-hung windows are the most popular window style on the market, with a stationary top sash and an operable bottom sash that works for any and all homes, big or small. In fact, there is a good chance that your current inefficient windows are single-hung windows. The pitfalls in older single-hung windows, however, lies in the fact that they do not have the same features and technology that our windows have.

The materials we use for our windows feature impact glass that isn’t just shatter resistant. They are a lot more heat resistant as well, making our windows significantly more energy efficient. In addition, the materials we use for our windows are a lot more durable than windows from several years ago, meaning that you won’t find yourself with a leaky window 10 years from now.

Horizontal Roller Style Windows

Horizontal roller style windows operate similarly to a sliding glass door, with tracks at the top and bottom of the frame that enable the window to open and close horizontally, versus vertically like single-hung windows. This window type allows for much better ventilation than other window types as you have completely unobstructed vertical airflow, and they’re just as energy efficient. The advantage of our slider windows versus our single-hung windows solely lies in the fact that our slider windows can be slightly larger, so they’re a perfect option if you have more space. However, they all provide superior energy efficiency as well as a number of different benefits that you won’t get anywhere else.

Picture Windows

Though you will undoubtedly see cost savings on electricity bills with any of our energy-efficient windows, picture windows are arguably one of the most energy-efficient windows we have for the sole reason that they are completely inoperable. In other words, they do not open so there is even less opportunity for air to leak in and affect the temperature of your home. Due to the lack of moving parts, they also tend to be more affordable than other window types and can be customized to a number of different sizes and even shapes – triangle, trapezoid, circle, and more!

Call the Energy Efficient Window Experts at ARMORVUE Window & Door

Regardless of the window style that you choose, new energy-efficient windows are sure to instantly add value to your home and boost curb appeal. If you’re interested in taking advantage of all of the different benefits that new energy-efficient replacement windows have to offer, or if you’re interested in learning more about them in general, call the leading window replacement company in Florida. Call the experts at ARMORVUE Window & Door!


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