When is it Time to Replace Your Windows?

High-quality windows can typically last for several decades. However, at some point, all windows wear out and age, and eventually need to be replaced. If you suspect that your windows will need to be replaced, here are a few signs you should look for:


Depending on the type of windows you have, not all damage warrants a complete window replacement. However, cracks on an impact window post-hurricane, for example, would warrant a complete window replacement as impact glass can’t be repaired or replaced. The whole window would need to be replaced. On any window, impact window or otherwise, damage to the frame such as warping, or even a rotting or crumbling frame does warrant a complete replacement. While these large damages to the window frame are fairly easy to see with the untrained eye, there are other, more subtle signs that your window may be damaged and in need of a total replacement. For example, if your windows are drafty, if they constantly stick when you try to open and close them despite the use of WD-40, or if they refuse to stay open, you may need to get your windows replaced.

Drafts & Increasing Energy Bills

On average, energy bills tend to go up in the summer regardless of where you live. But this is all the more true for Florida residents. However, if you notice that your energy bills are continuously increasing year after year, this is a big red flag that you have drafty windows and that it’s time to get your windows replaced.

With drafty windows, your precious cold air is escaping from your house, while warm air is steadily leaking in. This causes your A/C to have to work harder than usual in order to keep your house cool. As a result, drafty windows can increase your energy bills up to 25%. So if you suspect that you may have drafty windows, it’s time to seriously considering replacing them in order for you to save money in the long run on energy bills.


Condensation occurs in humid areas when one side of the glass is cooler than the other side. While condensation is completely normal for the most part, when you have double- or triple-pane windows and you’re experiencing condensation between the panes of glass, that’s a sign that your windows need to be replaced. Condensation will not develop between the panes of glass unless your windows are not sealed properly, allowing the insulating gas to leak and water vapor to enter. An improper seal reduces the energy efficiency of the window. It can also accumulate moisture, which in turn can lead to mold and mildew, as well as a host of other issues. If you see condensation between panes of glass, considering getting your windows replaced as soon as possible.

While these are the main signs that indicate you need to get your windows replaced, there are several other reasons why you should get them replaced. For one, if you’re looking to increase the value of your home, replacing your current single-pane window with hurricane impact windows is a great way to do so. If you’re tired of the way the windows look or if you feel your windows are incredibly outdated, you should consider getting your windows replaced as well.

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