What to Look for When Replacing Windows in Your Home

When it is time to investigate replacing your windows, there are multiple things to consider beyond the esthetics. Price should not be the only determining factor in the selection process. At Armorvue, we can help you determine the best options to fit your needs.

Money and esthetics are certainly important, yet functionality is what matters most. Windows that keep the outdoor air outside and also prevent burglars from moving inside your living space are vastly superior to those that look esthetically pleasing and those priced comparably low. Below, we highlight exactly what you should zero in on when selecting replacement windows for your home.

Focus on the Material

Wood was by far the most popular type of window frame in preceding centuries. However, wood is likely to rot as a result of elevated moisture. Wood is also vulnerable to insect infestation that has the potential to cause damage to parts of the home aside from the windows. As a result, wood is no longer widely used for windows in the state of Florida.
Tech advancements in recent decades have set the stage for windows to be made with more reliable and durable materials. Plenty of the industry’s top windows providers recommend vinyl frames. Vinyl frames stand the test of time, are affordable and energy efficient. Vinyl frames are also favored as they endure the harmful UV light that would otherwise enter your living space after installation.

Above all, vinyl is held in high regard by the industry’s elite as it provides superior insulation. The icing on the cake is vinyl requires minimal maintenance moving forward. Add in the fact that vinyl is a comparably strong material that come in various style and shape options and there is even more reason to choose vinyl.

Esthetics Matter but Only to a Point

Window styles and types vary quite widely so don’t choose the first visually appealing window you find. Instead, focus on selecting a window with the optimal balance between esthetic beauty and functionality. As an example, single hung windows with a multi-hollow chamber are easy on the eyes yet also boost insulating values and rigidity. There are also tilt-in variations that facilitate cleaning. Some windows have design layouts that maximize the amount of natural light let in the room.
Be sure to consider the design and color scheme of the room in which the windows will be placed so they are visually compatible with the rest of your home’s interior. If you are unsure as to which windows might look the best in your home or whether a specific design/style is worth the price tag, do not hesitate to consult with our window experts for guidance.

Carefully Select the Installation Team

The quality of your window installation is just as important as the quality of the actual window itself. Entrust the right group of window specialists to install your new windows and you will rest easy knowing the best in the business get the job done right on the first try. When in doubt, opt for the specialist with the best reputation for installation quality.

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