Top 4 Myths About Hurricanes & Your Home’s Windows

When it comes to the subject of home windows, there are plenty of lies, half-truths and myths, especially in the context of protection against hurricanes.  Instead of assuming everything you hear is true, dig a little deeper and you will find out the real deal about home windows in relation to home protection and safeguarding a living space against the wrath of hurricanes.  Without further ado, let’s take a look at the top myths pertaining to hurricanes and home windows.

Myth #1: Taping windows during a harsh storm prevents them from breaking

This approach will not stop your home’s windows from breaking.  Rather, the end result of taping windows when a hurricane hits will be a window that breaks into larger chunks.  A window that breaks apart into larger pieces will prove that much more dangerous as the sizable shards have the potential to cut you as well as others as they fly through the air.  Ideally, the window will not break at all though it would be preferable for the window to shatter into tiny pieces instead of larger ones that are comparably dangerous. 

Myth #2: You can stabilize pressure by cracking a window open amidst a storm

The last thing you want is powerful air moving through your living space, especially during a hurricane.  Air that moves within a house has the potential to damage the walls and added considerable pressure to the roof, jeopardizing the property’s entire infrastructure. 

Myth #3: Solely windows facing water should be boarded up

Hurricanes rotate and spin as they move toward and through land.  In other words, no windows are completely safe amidst a storm of this magnitude.  Debris that spins and moves within the storm is just as likely to strike a window that is facing the water as one that is not.

Myth #4: You can prevent windows from breaking during a storm by leaning against them

If the wind is powerful enough to break a window, your body will not stop the wind from moving inward.  Keep in mind, if the window breaks, the glass will prove quite sharp, putting your body in harm’s way, especially if you are leaning against the glass for an extended period of time.  The last thing you want is for a large piece of glass to strike you, creating a nasty cut or even painfully lodging a shard or several shards of glass into your skin.  If it appears as though the window will shatter, move away from it so you aren’t struck by sharp glass particles.

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