The Top 6 Reasons Why You Need Impact Windows and Doors

There is a common misconception that regular doors and windows will suffice for a Florida home. The truth is every home in the Sunshine State should be protected by impact windows and doors. If your Florida home doesn’t have impact windows or doors, now is the time to upgrade. Choose ARMORVUE impact windows and doors and you’ll enjoy an invaluable peace of mind. Here’s why.

1. Protection Against Hurricanes

Florida is no stranger to hurricanes and rainstorms. Even if a hurricane does not directly strike your home, the ancillary wind gusts combined with powerful rain and wayward objects have the potential to smash your windows and even compromise your doors.

Choose ARMORVUE impact windows and doors and you’ll have much-needed protection against the elements including hurricane-force winds. Time is of the essence. Start shopping for impact windows and doors now and you’ll have ample time to prepare for storm season.

2. Home Security

You’ll sleep better at night and be that much more productive at work knowing your home is fortified with formidable impact windows and doors. These thick barriers are rigid to the point that they are nearly impossible to break. Opt for impact windows and doors and burglars will recognize the challenge of breaking through your windows/doors and move on to the next target.

3. Energy Efficiency

ARMORVUE impact windows and doors keep the hot and cold air outside instead of letting it into your living space. Invest in impact windows and doors and every penny you spend for home heating and cooling will be well worth it. The cool and warm air generated by your home heating and cooling system will remain within your house thanks to the thickness and impermeability of your impact windows and doors.

4. Impact Windows and Doors Pay for Themselves

Though impact windows and doors cost a bit more than non-impact, they are well worth it. Choose ARMORVUE impact windows and doors and you’ll save that much more money as time progresses. These rigid barriers prevent costly warm and cool air from escaping your home, ultimately preventing your HVAC systems from operating at a high frequency and saving you plenty of money in the process.

5. Noise Reduction

Impact windows and doors are built with sturdy material that dampens noise pollution emanating from outside your house. Choose ARMORVUE impact windows and doors and your house will feel like an actual home as it will be quiet and peaceful throughout the morning, day and night. Impact doors and windows serve as sound barriers to the point that they mitigate noise from airplanes, cars, kids, birds and just about everything else outside of your home.

6. Great Financing Options Available

We are proud to provide financing solutions from trustworthy lenders. Our financing options include no-interest and no payments for upwards of a year, financing through the Florida PACE Program and revolving credit accounts with fixed monthly payments.

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