The Best Green Products to Clean Your Windows

When the time comes to clean your windows, do not reach for any old cleaning product. Choose wisely and you will do your windows a favor, as well as our surrounding environment. Green window cleaning solutions are now available far and wide. Let’s take a closer look at green cleaners to help you figure out the best cleaning approach for your unique windows.


Defining Green Cleaning Products

There is a general assumption that green cleaning solutions are strictly comprised of environmentally-friendly ingredients. Though this is true, it is not the sole reason to purchase a green cleaning product. Legitimate green cleaning solutions are void of toxic chemicals. These products are manufactured, packaged and sold in a completely green manner. Choose the right window cleaner and it will help keep the planet healthy, clean, and safe.

Another key difference between regular cleaning solutions and green cleaners is the green variety is required to be completely transparent in terms of ingredients, while other more traditional cleaning products can get away without such transparency. The United States government mandates every single ingredient must be listed on the packaging and subsequently tested for safety in order for the cleaner to qualify as green. Now, without further ado, let’s take a look at the best green products to clean windows.


Green Window Cleaners: Better Life

Better Life has emerged as one of the best green cleaners for glass of every variety. You have likely seen this company’s cute bottle on store shelves. Better Life works just as well as it looks. Give Better Life cleaning spray a chance on your windows and you will find it does not leave ugly streaks behind. This green cleaning solution eliminates fingerprints, food that finds its way to kitchen windows, doggy prints, and beyond.


Consider a Green All-Purpose Cleaner

Some all-purpose cleaners such as Seventh Generation do an excellent job of cleaning those nasty streaks, smudges, and other pesky spots that just won’t go away. Try this green cleaner on your windows and you will immediately notice it eliminates handprints and other visually displeasing marks with surprising ease. The best part is, you won’t feel guilty about using this green cleaner as it does not harm the environment in any way.


Consider a DIY All-Natural Window Cleaning Spray

You can enjoy streak-free windows without paying through the nose for an uber-costly fancy cleaning solution that is supposedly “green”. Take the DIY (do it yourself) route by making your own window cleaning spray and you will enjoy a particular sense of satisfaction knowing you made a green cleaning solution on your own. Furthermore, there is the potential for your DIY cleaning spray to work just as well as store-bought varieties.

Here’s how to make your own simple green cleaning solution to perform a comprehensive window cleaning. You will need two cups of water, ¼ cup of white vinegar, and half a cup of dish soap. The logic in using liquid dish soap is it reduces the amount of wax residue remaining on the window from the prior use of commercial cleaning products. Some DIY cleaning aficionados swear by Dawn dish soap for this self-made concoction. If you are cleaning the exterior of your windows, you will likely need a scrub brush, bucket and possibly an extension pole. Give your DIY window cleaning solution a try and it just might work better than cleaners available at the store.


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