My Patio Glass Door Has Condensation—Should I Keep or Replace?

A patio glass door plagued by condensation will prove quite annoying and possibly quite costly to boot. You deserve to see clearly out of your patio glass door without the nuisance of condensation interfering. Furthermore, such condensation is sometimes a clue of flaws with the door. The question begs: should you replace or keep a glass patio door plagued by condensation? Well we have the answers.


Why Glass Patio Doors Condensate

It is possible your glass patio door is defective, resulting in ongoing condensation. However, glass is incapable of forming condensation on its own. The truth is condensation along the interior and exterior of glass doors occurs due to dramatically different temperatures along the inside/outside of glass panes. If the outdoor temperatures are cooler, condensation will form along the inner portion of the glass door. If the indoor temperature is cooler than the outdoor temperature, condensation might develop along the outer portion of the glass.


Replace or Keep?

If there is condensation between the double pane patio glass door, you should give serious consideration to replacing it. Such condensation can lead to mold growth, door deterioration and ongoing problems. However, in most situations, the presence of mold on a patio glass door is merely a temporary situation. At some point, it will be prudent to upgrade to double pane glass if you have not done so already. After all, you can only wipe away patio door condensation so many mornings in a row before you grow tired of it. Though a high-efficiency, double-pane glass door will certainly cost money, it will eliminate your condensation issue.


Options For Those Who Keep Their Glass Patio Door

If you elect to keep your glass patio door, consider opening the window and/or drapes. The purpose in opening these airways it to enhance ventilation to the point that it decreases condensation.


Replacing a Glass Patio Door With a Condensation Problem

Plenty of homeowners questions whether it is prudent to add a wood door to the patio as there are numerous other aesthetically-pleasing models that will last much longer. In order to find the door optimal for unique home and needs, conduct an online search for sliding patio doors.


When in Doubt, Ask the Experts

You will likely spend some time debating whether it is prudent to replace or keep your glass patio door that is habitually plagued with condensation. The decision is easy if there is condensation between the glass panes. Such condensation is abnormal; it is a clear red flag that something is wrong and the door should be replaced. Condensation between such glass panes is an indication the seal is broken and inert gas has moved on out. Such a sliding glass door won’t be nearly as energy efficient. It will continue to generate condensation so replacement is the sole solution.

Sadly, glass patio doors that do not form a perfect seal typically cause other issues to boot. These problems could prove costly, time-consuming and frustrating in the years to come. It might be better to invest in a new glass patio door now rather than wait until additional problems pile up. If you are on the fence as to whether you should replace your door or keep it, ask our team for insight. We will take a close look at your glass patio door, assess the problem, and provide the guidance you need to make a truly informed decision.


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