Imagine Your Sarasota Home Enhanced with a High-Quality Screen Room, Pergola, or Sunroom

Outdoor Living Area Structures Designed for Style, Protection, and Comfort

Sarasota Screen Rooms

Customized Screen Rooms from ARMORVUE Window & Door allow you and your family to be outdoors within the protection of screens. You can experience the outdoors in a new and better way. Take in unobstructed views of your natural surroundings, feel the warm Florida breezes, and smell the scents of your backyard without swatting at mosquitoes or other pests. A Screen Room gives you some protection from the weather, which means you don’t have to head indoors whenever it rains. We like to think of Screen Rooms as a place that blurs the lines between outdoors and indoors.


Our Screen Rooms are strong and durable. We will professionally install them beneath your existing roof, and they adapt well to a variety of foundation types. Match your home with a choice of three colors: white, almond, or bronze. Let us provide you with the Screen Room of your dreams!


Sarasota Pergolas

Looking for a new and exciting backyard improvement? Pergolas offer open-air comfort and shade from the hot sun. A Pergola from ARMORVUE Window & Door is more than a simple outdoor structure. It is an architectural improvement that lends style and beauty to your Sarasota home. Choose a Pergola with a solid roof for full protection and shade from above, or choose a slotted roof to allow some sunlight through. The sides of the Pergola are open, so you can move freely in and out of the structure. 


Our Pergolas are built to last for years. They are weather-resistant and available in six different finishes. Customize your Pergola to match your home, and we will professionally install it for sturdy protection over your outdoor sitting area, grill, or other backyard feature.


Sarasota Sunrooms

Combine elegance and style with unobstructed views of your natural surroundings. A Sunroom from ARMORVUE Window & Door is the solution to comfortable outdoor living. Premium-grade aluminum frames and hurricane impact resistant windows and doors protect you and your family from Southwest Florida’s harsher elements while giving you a place to sit in the sun, watch the rain, or admire your backyard birds and blooms. 


We can adapt our Sunrooms to almost any sized area, installing it beneath your existing roof. Your Sunroom will look like a natural extension of your Sarasota home. Choose between white, almond, or bronze finishings. The sturdy yet customizable structure of our Sunrooms makes them easy to install on your existing porch or deck. Whether you want a room with more natural sunlight, or you desire more living space in your home, our Sunrooms provide an attractive and effective solution.


Let Us Know Which Outdoor Structure You Are Interested In

Whether you love the open-air concept of the Pergola, the screened-in protection of the Screen Room, or the comfort of the Sunroom, ARMORVUE Window & Door can make your outdoor living area come to life. Any of these structures are sure to improve your Sarasota home and give you and your family more reasons to spend time in the great outdoors. 


When you contact us, we will schedule a free in-home or showroom consultation. You will receive more information about your options and the professional installation of any of our structures. Our representatives will provide you a free quote so you can determine which of our outdoor living structures best fits your wants and your budget.


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