Durable and Versatile Vinyl Windows
Low maintenance, affordable, and energy efficient. These are just some of the benefits you can reap from our Sarasota/Fort Myers vinyl replacement windows.

Sarasota/Fort Myers Vinyl Windows

Vinyl windows are one of the most popular types of replacement windows for a reason. For one, they require very little maintenance. Vinyl windows are primarily made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC), a plastic. This is what makes them so durable, non-corroding, and weather resistant. They are a lot easier to clean, and unlike wood, PVC won’t absorb extra moisture. This means no peeling, cracking, or warping (as long as the window is properly installed, of course). They also hold its color better than wood, which means no painting or staining, or fading either. In other words, these windows tend to last longer than wood and aluminum windows, at a lower cost!

If environmental impact is a concern to you, you can rest assured knowing that our vinyl windows are quite environmentally friendly. Since they are made with PVC, they are recyclable. Even better yet, our vinyl windows are also energy efficient. We use a thicker glass that is more effective at keeping cool air in during the summer, and out during the winter. This leads to less energy being used to maintain your home at the desired temperature, which means a smaller carbon footprint as well as a smaller energy bill every month.

Vinyl windows are also surprisingly affordable. In fact, they are the most affordable type of replacement window on the market. Plus, we deal directly with the factory, allowing us to buy the windows at a smaller cost and then pass the savings on to you!

Our vinyl windows are strong and durable and can last for several decades. At ARMORVUE Window & Door, our fully-licensed, bonded, and insured company has over 65 years of experience among its professionals, so you can count on us to get the job done right the first time around.

Low-Maintenance Vinyl Window Replacement Experts

If you’re interested in replacing your current windows with vinyl windows, reach out to the Sarasota/Fort Myers vinyl windows experts at ARMORVUE Window & Door. Our professionals are here to help you through every step of the process: from discussing your specific needs and budget so that we can help you choose the ideal windows for your home, to the actual installation of your replacement vinyl windows. We are here for you from start to finish, and we will help you find and/or design your dream windows. If you don’t find what you’re hoping for initially, do not fret. Our designers help you customize your dream home, including the color, finish, hardware, and more.

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If your Sarasota/Fort Myers home is in need of affordable replacement vinyl windows, you don’t need to look any further. You just can contact the experts at ARMORVUE to learn more about the products and services we have to offer. Simply call us or fill out our online form to request a completely free, no-obligation in-home consultation, and a free estimate!