Sarasota/Fort Myers Slider Windows

Add style and efficiency to your Sarasota/Fort Myers home with high quality replacement slider windows.

Sarasota/Fort Myers Slider Windows: Overview & Benefits

Picture a single-hung window that was installed horizontally rather than vertically. That is an overly simplified way of describing sliding windows. They can be pushed open or closed from either the left or the right side of the window, gliding along the window frame from one die to the other and sliding open – hence the name.

Slider windows are best known for how easy it is to operate them; the large, unobstructed views they provide; as well as their numerous design options. For rooms where you desire greater views of the outdoors or improved ventilation, slider windows are an excellent choice. They are also ideal for those spaces that are wider than they are tall, and/or those spaces that are more difficult to reach, which would make opening other window types significantly more complicated. With simply one hand, you can easily slide these windows open and shut.

These windows also have fewer working parts than other window types, which ultimately works in their favor by making them more durable. After all, the more moving parts you have, the greater the chance of wear and tear and failures occurring, thereby reducing the durability of your window. This also means that these windows tend to be lower maintenance than other window types, and more energy-efficient.

The lack of complicated moving parts allows for a much tighter seal when closed, thereby eliminating drafts that tend to cause quite an increase in energy bills each month. At ARMORVUE Window & Door specifically, however, we increase the energy efficiency of your new replacement slider windows by using only the highest quality, Energy Star rated Low-E glass with argon gas fill for your windows in addition to the non-metallic spacer systems, fusion-welded construction, and heavy-duty weather stripping. Invest in new replacement slider windows now and save money month after month on your electricity bills.

 When it’s time to replace your current windows with superior slider replacement windows, don’t settle for anything less than the highest quality products, services, and expertise that ARMORVUE Window & Door can offer!


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