Casement Windows for Enhanced Security and Style in Sarasota

Benefits of Casement Windows

There is a very good chance that when you picture a movie scene where an actor or actress throws open a window, you’re picturing casement windows. This is especially true if you’re picturing a slightly older movie, as casement windows used to be standard in most homes before sash windows became the norm. To give you a better idea, casement windows typically have hinges on either the right or left-hand side and swing open. They are incredibly versatile and besides being aesthetically pleasing and increasing the value of your home, there are have a number of advantages you can reap from replacing your current windows with impact windows, including:

  • Multiple design features from which you can choose: whether you want a grille or no grille, a certain size, or even a specific material, you have all of those options and more with casement windows.
  • Versatility: casement windows are great because they can either be installed as standalone windows, or as a part of a larger window installation, being paired with other windows such as bay, bow, or French windows.
  • Energy efficiency: properly installed casement windows create an airtight seal when they are shut, thereby making them incredibly energy efficient, and in turn helping to reduce your energy costs month after month.
  • Easy operation: casement windows are incredibly easy to open and shut. If you’re looking to replace a window above your kitchen sink, for example, where it is a little harder to reach in order to push a sash window up to open, then you should really consider casement windows.
  • Excellent ventilation: when they’re open, casement windows provide better ventilation than almost any other window type.
  • Enhanced security: Most casement windows open via a crank on the inside, making it virtually impossible for intruders to open from the outside.

Because of their numerous advantages, Sarasota residents are choosing more and more to replace their current windows with new casement windows. At ARMORVUE Window & Door, we have an expansive selection of casement windows so you are sure to find the one that is perfect for you and your home.

ARMORVUE Casement Windows in Sarasota

When choosing a window replacement company in the Sarasota area, it is instrumental that you choose a company that is well familiar with the Florida climate. For example, all of the windows sold by ARMORVUE Window & Door are designed with the Sarasota region in mind. For one, our windows are available with Low-E glass with argon gas-filled chambers. This will help improve the energy efficiency of your home and protect your belongings inside your house from being damaged by harmful UV rays. For added energy efficiency, you can also get non-metallic spacer systems and heavy-duty weather stripping. Our windows also come with the option of having double-strength, impact-resistant glass to help protect you and your home from unwanted intruders and flying debris from hurricanes.

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