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Sarasota/Fort Myers Door Installation

An improper door installation can lead to a host of problems for the homeowner. While some problems are minor inconveniences, other problems can end up being very costly. So, what are some signs of an improper door installation?

  • Crooked door panels

Take a good look at your door. Does it fit perfectly in the frame, or can you tell that something is clearly crooked? A crooked door panel is a sign of improper installation, typically resulting from common mistakes such as loose screw and/or damaged hinges. However, a cracked door frame can also cause a crooked panel. Unlike a loose screw or a damaged hinge, a cracked door frame will take more time and resources to fix.

  • Creaking sounds

When there is friction somewhere on your door or its parts, you get a squeaking noise. This is yet another sign of improper door installation, as there should never be friction when operating a door.

  • Difficulty opening and shutting

The purpose of a door is to open and shut seamlessly, not give you a workout. If your door is not operating smoothly and requires any form of force when you attempt to use it, your door was not installed properly.

  • Marks on the floor

Marks on the floor suggest that the lower edge of the door is not parallel to the floor. In other words, part of the door is actually hitting and dragging on the floor when it’s opened and closed.

  • Drafts and/or increased energy bills

In an improperly installed door, air will tend to leak in and out of your home. This makes it much harder for your HVAC to keep your house at the desired temperature, requiring more electricity and thereby resulting in higher energy bills month after month.

These are just a few of the reasons as to why it’s important to choose an experienced company for your Sarasota/Fort Myers door installation.

Experienced Sarasota/Fort Myers Door Installers

With our combined 65 years of experience, our commitment to quality, and our high standards and expectations for all of our workers and installers, you can rest assured knowing that your door installation will be done properly the first time around. With our Gold Standard Installation, we can ensure that you will have a stress-free experience from the beginning of the project to years after the door installation has been completed. Every detail will be taken into account and handled for you, from permitting to final inspection.

And on the off chance that something doesn’t go according to plan, or something happens to your door after we’ve installed it, all of our products and services are backed by our True Lifetime Limited Transferable Warranty. If you ever have any issues, you can just call us directly and we will take care of the rest.

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