Sarasota Fiberglass Doors

Are Fiberglass Doors the Right Choice for Your Sarasota Home?

Before selecting a new replacement door for your Sarasota home, you first have to ask yourself: “what am I really looking for with a new door?” Are you looking to replace your current door solely for aesthetic reasons? Are you looking to increase the security of your home? Are you looking for a door that’s less maintenance and/or provides you with better energy efficiency than your current door? No matter what you’re looking for with a new door, odds are you will get all of the benefits you desire with a new fiberglass replacement door.

If you’re looking to replace your current door strictly for aesthetics, know that fiberglass doors provide you with several options. If you want the look of wood without the deficiencies in security and energy efficiency that wood doors have, select one of our embossed wood-grain texture fiberglass doors. Similar to wood doors, we can stain them whatever color you want. But if you prefer doors with smooth textures, painted any number of colors, you have that option with fiberglass doors as well.

If you’re looking for added security with a new door, fiberglass doors are once again a great option for multiple reasons. For one, our fiberglass doors are made with only the highest quality, extremely durable materials. Unlike other door types, fiberglass doors won’t deteriorate. They won’t start splintering, or warping over time, leaving you more vulnerable to break-ins or damages from hurricanes due to a weakened door. Better yet, our doors are made to withstand even Category 5 hurricanes. They have been tried and tested against winds up to 190 mph and against flying debris being launched at them with tremendous forces. No matter what our fiberglass doors went up against, they held fast. Whether you’re concerned with intruders or hurricanes, our fiberglass doors will keep you and your loved ones safe.

If you’re looking for a low maintenance door, a door that you won’t have to constantly restain or have to worry about dings and scratches, look no further. Fiberglass doors are one of the lowest maintenance doors on the market. They are also engineered to be extremely insulated and energy-efficient, so you can start saving on your monthly energy bills. Plus, they are non-porous and water-resistant, and our doors are all rust-free. With our fiberglass doors, coupled with our Lifetime Limited Transferable Warranty and our backing by the Good Housekeeping Seal, you won’t have to worry about your entry doors ever again.

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