Replacement Awning Windows for Orlando Homes

Stylish and efficient, awning windows offer natural light and ventilation even in light rain.

Awning Windows vs. Other Replacement Window Types in Orlando

Whether you choose to install an awning window on its own or pair it with another window type, awning windows are a great option for Orlando homes.

This window type is unique because it’s hinged at the top and swings outward to open. While all of our windows feature a number of benefits, such as increased energy efficiency and superior protection from hurricanes and intruders, awning windows have the additional benefit of providing you with increased ventilation and fresh air even when it’s raining outside, something you will not get with any other window type. Other window types either slide open or are hinged on the side and open much like a door. While there are benefits to these different window types, they also have to be closed when it rains outside, even if it’s nothing more than a light drizzle, or else water will inevitably seep into your home and ruin your belongings. Awning windows, on the other hand, naturally protect the window opening from the rain due to their design.

So, if you are looking for a way to increase ventilation or natural light in a certain room, particularly a room with limited space or a room that requires a little more privacy, awning windows are a great option for you and your Orlando home.

Benefits of Orlando Replacement Awning Windows

Our awning windows boast a number of different advantages, such as: 

  • Increased ventilation: awning windows, in general, are designed to encourage more airflow. And as we mentioned previously, their design allows them to be left open when it’s raining outside, so you are not limited to only getting fresh air and ventilation on days where it’s sunny out.
  • Increased privacy: Awning windows can be mounted higher on the wall than other window types, giving you natural light as well as privacy. Awning windows are perfect for closets and bathrooms that need more natural light.
  • Increased wall space: Since these windows are smaller and positioned higher on the wall than other window types, you have more room for your artwork and decor.
  • Energy efficiency: All of our windows offer superior energy efficiency than any other window on the market. Save money in the long run on your energy bills by replacing your current windows with energy-efficient awning windows.
  • Easy to use: Awning windows are designed to be easy to operate. You can easily open and shut this window with only one hand.

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