Adaptable Screen Rooms, Pergolas, and Sunrooms Enhance Your Outdoor Living Spaces

Shelter and Style Combine to Create a Pleasant Living Space that is Closer to Nature

Boca Raton Screen Rooms, Pergolas and Sunrooms

Boca Raton Screen Rooms

A beautiful Screen Room from ARMORVUE Window & Door allows you to connect with nature while still enjoying a measure of protection from the sun, weather, insects, and other South Florida elements. With ultra-strong panels and custom design, the structure of our Screen Rooms will look great with your home and last for years.

Our Screen Rooms are adaptable to existing roofs and foundations to complement your home. The finishings come in white, almond and bronze.

Boca Raton homeowners can use their Screen Rooms as outdoor space while enjoying the protection of the sturdy structure. Screen Rooms help eliminate the boundary between outdoors and indoors. Step into your protected Screen Room for wide open views of nature, and listen to the sounds of nature without having to deal with mosquitoes, and other pests that might keep you indoors. 

Boca Raton Pergolas

Pergolas beautify your outdoor spaces while offering overhead protection. You can create a backyard oasis with the timeless architectural style of our Pergolas. These structures are open on all sides for a true open air concept. Choose from a solid top or a top that is made of open slats, depending on the amount of sunlight you want to let in beneath your Pergola.

The innovative, customizable design of Pergolas from ARMORVUE Window & Door gives you the options you need to match your home’s esthetic. With six different finishes, your Pergola will look exactly the way you want it! Improving your Boca Raton patio or backyard area with one of our Pergolas means you’ll get lasting style for years to come. Our products are weather-resistant and very durable.

Boca Raton Sunrooms

Extend your home’s outdoor space with all the comforts of the indoors. ARMORVUE Window & Door sunrooms provide unobstructed views of your surrounding natural areas while giving you maximum protection from the outside elements. The windows and doors in our Sunrooms are manufactured to withstand South Florida weather, including hurricanes. 

You can easily adapt your Sunroom to your existing roof, foundation, porch, or deck. Installation is easy, thanks to our premium-grade aluminum window and door configurations. Choose from white, almond and bronze sunroom finishes for a beautiful addition to your home that will transform your outdoor space into a relaxing and comfortable glass room where you can sit in the hot tub, sip tea as you watch the sunrise, or entertain friends.

Schedule an Appointment to Discuss Your Outdoor Living Options in Boca Raton

Many homeowners are searching for ways to safely spend more time outdoors. ARMORVUE Window & Door has the options you are looking for. Whether you like the open air concept of our beautiful Pergolas, the protection and convenience of a Screen Room, or the comfort and style of a Sunroom, our outdoor living experts are here to tell you more and give you a quote. 

ARMORVUE Window & Door expertly installs all Screen Rooms, Pergolas, and Sunrooms. You can choose from a variety of options to customize your outdoor living space. These durable and attractive structures are designed to complement your home and your yard, resulting in an elegant space that allows you and your family to enjoy more of your life outdoors.

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