Importance of Having Impact Windows on Your Home

If you are thinking about adding new windows to your home or building a completely new house, you should consider the merits of impact windows. These formidable windows can withstand powerful wind, rain, sleet, hail, and worse. It is only a matter of time until the next storm rolls through. If your home is not protected with impact windows, everything you own and love will be unnecessarily subjected to harm.


The Basics of Impact Windows

Impact windows, also referred to as coastal windows and hurricane windows, are uniquely engineered for homes in areas likely to endure storms. Regular windows do not provide the same level of protection as impact windows. The main difference between these two types of window is the type of glass in use. Unlike conventional windows that are made completely of glass, impact windows actually have a layer of polyvinyl butral (PVB) or ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) in between the two layers of glass. The laminated layer is the essential form of additional protection against airborne objects. While it may crack when an object hits it with full force, it will not send shards of glass everywhere like conventional windows would.

This type of window is designed with reinforcements to endure ferocious winds along with debris flying in the wind. Whether you live in or near a high velocity hurricane zone or in another area prone to harsh weather, you will rest easy once your home has impact windows in place. These windows conform to the nuances of the HVHZ standards required for homes in danger-prone areas. The combination of the reinforced window frame with laminated glass does an excellent job of thwarting wayward debris flying through the wind.


You’ll Rest Easy Once Your Windows are Installed

Let the experts install your windows and you won’t have anything to worry about. There is no need to worry about hurricane shutters when you have impact windows safeguarding your home. So don’t bother putting up hurricane shutters every single time a storm looms. It takes time and effort to put these shutters in place and subsequently take them down over and over. You will enjoy immediate protection as soon as impact windows are installed. There is no need to cover this unique type of window; they function to perfection without any extra effort.


Additional Benefits: They Will Reduce Your Utility Bills

Every homeowner knows utility bills have the potential to add up quickly. Add impact windows to your home and they just might decrease the heat gain in the summer months while helping retain heat during the winter. These windows really do pay for themselves in the form of lower utility bills in the months and years ahead.


Sensitive to Noise? You Need Impact Windows

Ask homeowners who have added impact windows to their home about the result and you will hear all about the extra protection as well as noise reduction. This type of window also reduces the noise pollution from outdoors. If you have loud kids in the neighborhood or live in an area with high traffic, you will love the fact that these windows reduce the noise.


Impact Windows Just Might Qualify You for Insurance Breaks

Impact windows are revered throughout the insurance industry as a highly effective means of protecting homes. A number of home insurance companies provide significant insurance discounts for homeowners who add these windows to their property. There is no need to bother with closing shutters or any other extra step so the insurance company really does bear that much less risk when insuring a home with impact windows. The best insurance providers are willing to pass the savings to customers in the form of premium discounts.


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