Impact Windows vs Hurricane Shutters

We all want our house to be protected when a hurricane comes our way. But what is the best (and most cost-effective) way to protect our home and our belongings? Many of you have heard of impact windows and hurricane shutters, but what are the advantages of one over the other?

Hurricane Shutters

Hurricane shutters are installed over your current windows to prevent them from getting damaged during a hurricane due to flying debris. When it comes to designs and the overall look, you have a certain number of options. For one, there are a variety of styles from which you can choose, such as accordion or Bahama style shutters. You can also get hurricane shutters in an assortment of colors, and you can typically get them in one of the following three materials: aluminum, steel, and occasionally wood.

One of the advantages to hurricane shutters is that no matter what glass you currently have, hurricane shutters will help protect them. Hurricane shutters may be inexpensive but there are also quite a few disadvantages associated with them that make Impact Windows the more appealing option.

One of the biggest disadvantages is arguably their reliance on the strength of your windows in order to provide you with proper protection. If you have older windows or windows with non-impact glass, hurricane shutters may not protect them from shattering during a hurricane. Hurricane shutters also require some prep work each year and typically require more than one person to put up. While higher quality shutters can be put into place in less than an hour, others may take longer. Unfortunately, if you go out of town without putting up your hurricane shutters and a storm hits, your home will be left completely vulnerable. To make matters worse, if that does occur and you end up sustaining damage to your home, your insurance may not cover the damages. Not to mention the fact that hurricane shutters do not provide you with any protection from damaging UV rays or intruders trying to break in on a regular basis. People also tend to complain about the fact that, when closed, these shutters tend to block all of the natural light into your home; so if your power goes out in the middle of the day, you’re left in complete darkness. Just imagine your energy bills when you’re having to leave your lights on all day because you have no longer have any natural light in your home.

Impact Windows

Unlike hurricane shutters, impact windows completely replace your current windows. Because of this, you’re looking at higher costs than you would with hurricane shutters. However, impact windows will provide you with a number of benefits that you will not get with hurricane shutters.

For one, impact windows provide the best protection overall, and not just from hurricanes either. These windows are a great way to thwart intruders as they can’t break the glass to gain access into your home. There is also no prep work with impact windows. Once they’re installed, you’re good to go for a lifetime. In addition, our impact windows provide even more benefits, such as superior energy efficiency and noise reduction.

When it comes to the look of your windows, you have countless options from which you can choose. Our impact windows come in a large variety of styles, including casement windows or slider windows to name a few, so you are not limited. You will be able to get the look you want, with the level of protection you need.

Regardless of whether you choose hurricane shutters or impact windows, you need to ensure that the installation is done properly in order for either of them to be truly effective. For the best in impact window installation in the Florida area, call ARMORVUE Window & Door. We are a top-ranked, nationally recognized window company in the U.S. for a reason. With our commitment to quality, professionalism, and delivering durable, beautiful solutions to homeowners, you can trust that our windows will protect you when you need them the most. Call us today to schedule a free in-home estimate and learn more about what we can do for you.


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