How to Finance New Windows and Doors

If you are interested in adding new windows and/or doors to your home, your thoughts are likely gravitating toward styles, brands and price. Money should not stand in the way of the installation of new replacement doors and windows to your home. Opt for ARMORVUE windows and doors and you’ll find their installation is affordable, efficient and seamless. We have a wide range of options available for homeowners in the market or new replacement windows and doors.

Financing Windows and Doors is Easier Than Most Assume

We make it easy to finance new windows and doors. We provide no-interest payment plans. Our payment plans are either 12 months or 18 months in length. We also offer a fixed monthly payment plan for homeowners looking to extend the financing of windows or doors out that much longer.

GreenSky Financing

Our GreenSky Special Promotion available through the ARMORVUE Consumer Credit Center provides loans for new windows and doors. GreenSky loans top out at $65,000. Our experts are here to help you pinpoint the optimal credit option for your unique financial situation. This process is paperless, secure, and fast. We finance the installation of new replacement windows and/or doors at all sites.

Meet with our team to learn more about our financing options and you’ll find these plans are straightforward and easy to understand. All GreenSky customers, especially with longer terms, can pay off their loans without any pre-payment penalties. Our GreenSky Special Promotion Plan #2521 doesn’t charge a penny of interest if the loan is paid in full within a year’s time. Our GreenSky Special Promotion Plan 2740 provides a reduced rate of 9.99% across a period of 120 months. Even if your credit is average or below average, we’ve likely got a loan option for you.

Creative Financing to add new Windows and Doors to Your Home

ARMORVUE windows and doors can be added to your home without busting your budget. The Ygrene financing option empowers local homeowners to add payment to their property taxes. Your debt-to-income ratio is not a factor in the context of qualifying for window and door financing. In short, if you have a will to add new replacement windows and/or doors to your home, we will provide the way in terms of financing those improvements.

Aside from financing, we also provide our customers with the option of using a credit card to pay for new replacement ARMORVUE doors and windows. If you prefer to pay with cash or equity, that option is also available. Cash is the optimal payment method as it doesn’t lead to the accrual of debt or the payment of interest. However, if you are like most homeowners, you don’t have enough cash to cover the full cost of new replacement windows and/or doors. That’s where ARMORVUE financing as described above comes into play.

ARMORVUE has a Solution

Our window and door specialists will do everything in our power to keep your living space comfortable, quiet, peaceful and safe throughout the entirety of the year. Our windows and doors control both noise and temperature without sacrificing security. Reach out to ARMORVUE today to find out more about our many different window and door options. Schedule an in-person or a showroom appointment, and get a free, no-obligation consultation and estimate.


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