How Impact Doors Help You Hurricane Prep

Securing your home and stocking up on essentials are important preventative measures for surviving a hurricane. However, you can do plenty more. Whether you plan on leaving or staying when the next storm arrives, your home must be comprehensively protected. Impact doors are fundamental to safeguarding everything you love and value.

Impact Doors Protect Your Most Valuable Asset

Take a moment to think about all the money you’ve poured into your home. Letting a hurricane erase all of your hard work and your financial sacrifices would be a terrible injustice. You can do your part to protect your home and your family by adding impact glass doors and windows.
Impact doors have three unique layers, one on the interior, one along the exterior and a middle layer consisting of durable plastic that undergoes a lamination process for enhanced security. Even if the exterior glass layer breaks, the inner layer will hold strong, ultimately protecting everything you value and cherish. This is the sturdy and reliable door you need to prevent flying debris from breaking through and ruining your living space.

Protection Against Powerful Wind

Oftentimes, it is the wind from hurricanes, rather than water, that causes the most damage. Impact doors can withstand winds around 150+ miles per hour, meaning they will protect your home during a hurricane. Even if a category 5 hurricane moves through Florida, your impact door’s second and third layers will likely remain intact throughout the entirety of the storm as well as the immediate aftermath. This is the reliable door every homeowner needs.

Less Maintenance and a Longer Lifespan

Think back to all the doors your homes have had in the past. If you are like most homeowners, you have replaced several doors or at least desired to do so because of wear and tear, physical blemishes, and other faults. Impact doors have three rigid layers that prevent the structure from gradually wearing away, ensuring the door remains standing even if the outside layer of glass shatters due to a powerful impact.

Enhanced Security

There are opportunists in Florida and other coastal states who will venture through hurricane-ravaged areas looking for homes and businesses to loot. If you head north or west when the next hurricane arrives and your home’s doors end up cracked or otherwise compromised as a result of the storm, looters will have access to your belongings. Opt for an impact door with three layers of security and you will rest easy knowing your valuables are well-protected.

Impact Doors Reduce Noise Pollution

If you are sensitive to noise or live in an area with a lot of activity, you shouldn’t have to learn to live with noise pollution. Impact doors have three layers, meaning they are thick to the point that they keep the vast majority of outdoor noise outside rather than letting it move through into your peaceful living space.

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