Can Impact Windows Make Your Home More Eco-Friendly?

There is a growing push to ensure homes, businesses and other buildings are as eco-friendly as possible. Going green is good for the planet, future generations and possibly even the bottom line. Homeowners throughout Florida and beyond are now wondering whether transitioning to impact windows can make a home more eco-friendly. Let’s find out if impact windows make a meaningful difference in the context of a home’s impact on the environment.

How Impact Windows Affect Heating and Cooling Bills

Most people are surprised to learn heat loss and gain through home windows accounts for about one-quarter to one-third of all cooling and heating costs. This is precisely why energy-efficient windows should be added to all new homes. Furthermore, all old windows should be replaced with those of the energy-efficient variety. Opt for impact windows that preserve energy and you will enjoy the benefits in the form of a reduced utility bill and also in the form of environmental health. This is accomplished through the careful construction of impact windows.

Impact windows are comparably thick. These windows are made with the bonding of several layers of glass along with a plastic interior layer to one another. Such thick layering prevents the outdoor air from moving indoors, ultimately reducing the number of times heating and cooling systems turn on, reducing those costly monthly utility bills all the more.

Windows That Stand the Test of Time

Environmental friendliness is one-half energy preservation and one-half sustainability. The use of long-lasting, sustainable materials in impact windows has the potential to lead to an entire lifetime of protection against the outdoor elements. The fewer times you have to replace your windows, the less of a strain you will have on the environment. It simply does not make sense to run the risk of window replacement after each violent storm passes through the sunshine state when you can opt for impact windows that hold strong even when a hurricane hits.

Impact windows are built to endure repeated extreme weather conditions throughout a full hurricane season. This means your impact windows are likely to hold strong across several hurricane seasons, minimizing the number of raw materials you use to protect your living space while simultaneously reducing the amount of energy used to cool and warm your home throughout the year.

The Verdict

In the end, it can be said without the slightest doubt that impact windows make a home eco-friendlier. Whether you are mainly concerned with your environmental footprint, your home’s protection, saving money on utility bills or reducing outdoor noise pollution, you will love impact windows and doors from ARMORVUE. So don’t assume eco-friendliness is the sole benefit of these robust windows and doors. Your new ARMORVUE impact windows/doors will serve as formidable barriers between you and the elements, preventing outdoor air and noise pollution from seeping inside to preserve the comfort and peacefulness of your living space.

ARMORVUE is at Your Service

If your home’s windows don’t keep the outdoor air outside, are unsightly, outdated or flawed in any other way, it is time for an upgrade. Our team is here to install the perfect new impact windows and doors at your home. Contact us today to find out more about our windows/doors and schedule your free in-home estimate or appointment in our beautiful showroom.


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