Beat This Summer’s Heat without Breaking Your Budget!

During the summer months, how much do you pay in electricity bills in a seemingly futile attempt to keep your home cool? If we had to guess, we would say “a lot”. Florida residents tend to spend up to 40% more on their energy bills than residents of other US states due to the almost non-stop running of the air conditioner. But what if we told you that you don’t have to sacrifice your comfort in favor of your wallet?

Energy-Efficient Windows

Replacing your current windows with energy-efficient windows is cited by the U.S Department of Energy as one of the single best ways to decrease your energy consumption and therefore decrease your energy bills every month. On average, up to 30% of your cooling energy is lost due to inefficient windows, and many Florida homes come equipped with inefficient windows. No matter the number of windowpanes your windows have, whether that’s single-, double-, or even triple-pane glass, you will not achieve any form of energy savings with these windows. Your current window frames are likely made out of heat-conducting materials, meaning that the frame can get hot and likewise heat up a room. Not only that, but these windows are also more susceptible to drafts.

In direct contrast are energy-efficient windows. Regardless of the type of windows you currently have in your home, replacing any non-efficient windows with energy-efficient ones will undoubtedly save you money in the long run on your energy bills. Energy-efficient windows eliminate all issues that cause other windows to not be energy efficient: no more drafts, no more heat conductivity, and superior glass technology that prevents heat and damaging UV rays from penetrating your home.

Energy-Efficient Doors  

Energy-efficient exterior doors are another great way to beat the summer heat without breaking your budget. The difference between these doors and your current doors is that we use top-quality hurricane proof glass that is also superior in its ability to keep the summer heat out of your house. Our doors also feature improved core materials than the average door, specifically designed to improve the energy efficiency of your home and provide you with better protection from storms and intruders. Better frame materials and weather stripping paired with expert installation all play a part in providing the tightest seal possible to eliminate any and all air leaks, thereby further improving the energy efficiency of your new doors.

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As an established replacement window and door company in Florida, ARMORVUE Window & Door understands the vital role high-quality materials and professional installation plays in the overall effectiveness of energy-efficient windows and energy-efficient doors. We take the time to train each and every one of our installers in the industry’s leading installation techniques. As a result, you get windows & doors that aren’t just energy-efficient and beautiful; they are incredibly durable and long-lasting as well.

If you’re interested in saving money on your energy bills month after month and beat this summer’s heat without breaking the budget, give us a call today and talk to one of our experts!


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