Are Sliding Patio Doors Hurricane Resistant?

Just about every homeowner wants a large sliding glass door that provides an expansive view of the yard and makes it easy to move large items in and out of the home.  Sliding patio doors certainly have their merits yet homeowners often question whether these doors are capable of withstanding the wrath of a hurricane.  Inquiries regarding the hurricane resistance of sliding patio doors are one of our customers’ top questions for good reason.  You need and deserve a sliding patio door that holds strong even when the weather takes a turn for the worse.

ARMORVUE Sliding Patio Doors are Hurricane Resistant

A sliding patio door that cannot protect your living space against strong winds, rain, sleet, hail and airborne debris is simply not worth your money.  Keep in mind, your patio door is basically an expanded window that slides left and right, meaning a low-quality door will prove just as vulnerable as the windows throughout your home should a hurricane make its way into town.  However, advancements in door technology have led to sliding patio doors that prevent the outside elements from moving indoors, even if the winds reach those of hurricane levels. 

Our sliding glass patio doors are impact-resistant with fully reinforced frames and laminated glass.  These doors provide protection throughout the entirety of the year.  Our glass doors are the perfect blend of function and form, beautifying your property while simultaneously keeping it well-protected against the elements.

Reduce Heat Transfer Through the Glass, Which Can Help Lower Your Cooling and Heating Costs

Wouldn’t it be nice if your home’s patio door was thick enough that it prevents that transmission of heat through the glass and into your living space?  This is exactly what our impact-resistant glass sliding patio doors do.  The reduction in heat transfers keeps your home cooling and heating costs under control throughout the entirety of the year, saving you that much more money as time progresses.

Deter Would-be Burglars

There is a common misconception that sliding patio doors are unsafe.  However, the truth is impact-resistant glass doors are quite sturdy.  These doors really will deter most burglars from attempting to break into your home.  Even if a burglar attempts to enter your living space, he or she will find it is not easy to break through the glass door and get inside.

Minimize the Amount of Outdoor Noise

Our sliding patio doors significantly reduce the level of outdoor noise pollution that can be heard from within your home.  These impact-resistant glass doors are a solid sound buffer that ensures you can enjoy peace and quiet in your living space even when the birds are chirping, and the neighbors’ kids are playing outside.

ARMORVUE has the Perfect Doors and Windows for Your Home

Are you looking for doors and windows that can withstand powerful winds and stormy weather?  If so, we’ve got you covered.  Contact us today to learn more about our industry-best doors and windows. 


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