Steel Doors For Toledo Homes
Safety and security starts at your front door. Ensure your home is secure with new steel doors.

Security Advantages of Toledo Steel Doors

Did you know that, according to research, approximately 34% of burglars and intruders enter your home through the front door? Is your front door secure enough to hold them off? The best way to strengthen your home’s defenses is by getting your door replaced with a high-quality front door. Steel doors are arguably one of the most versatile door options for Toledo homes; but better yet, they are extremely secure. The security benefits provided by steel doors are a large part of the reason why Toledo residents, as well as businesses, schools, and stores choose this type of door for their homes and buildings time and time again.

Steel entry doors are virtually impossible to kick in. Since intruders are often looking for the easiest way into a house and one of the most common ways they get in a house is actually by breaking down a front door, steel doors are great for those looking to increase the security of their homes. In fact, several home security companies cite that replacing your front door with a steel door is a great way to make your home more secure.

Stylish and Strong Steel Doors for Toledo Homes

Besides the obvious security benefits, there are several other benefits you can reap from replacing your current exterior doors with steel doors, including:

  • Low maintenance: Due to the natural durability of steel, steel doors require little to no maintenance. Plus, they don’t crack or warp, so a one-time investment now can you save you from making several other investments in the future in the form of repairs or even complete replacements.
  • Easy operation year-round: Wood doors often expand and contract depending on the weather outside, thereby making it difficult to open and close the door at times. With steel doors, this will never be a problem. Steel doors neither expand nor contract, allowing for easy operation year-round.
  • Energy efficiency: Steel doors are great insulators, reducing heat and energy transfers, and therefore reducing your energy bill each month.

Despite the security that steel doors provide, people often express concerns regarding the actual appearance of the door. They picture these big steel doors that you see in prison movies. However, steel doors are a lot more versatile than that. We carry steel doors with high-definition panels that look so much like wood, you’ll barely be able to tell the difference; that is, until you try to kick it down. You also have more options in terms of the color of your door than you would have with wooden doors.

Regardless of the style or the look you are hoping to achieve with your steel door, if we don’t have the exact one you are looking for, we can design it for you! All you have to do is sit down with one of our extremely talented designers and we’ll get to work designing the perfect steel door for your Toledo home.

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